Vigor-25 Pills 2500 Reviews: Not For Sale – Side Effects Guaranteed!
  • Brand: Vigor-25
  • Hidden Active Ingredient: Sildenafil
  • Ingredients: Ginseng, Golden root, Lycium, Chinese Yam, Cassia, Cnidium fruit extract and Fu ling
  • Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction
  • Manufacturer: Piston Corp.
  • Country of Manufacture: USA


Vigor 25 is a herbal supplement which was initially marketed and advertised as a purely natural male health booster. Its ingredient included Ginseng, Golden root, Lycium, Chinese Yam, Cassia, Cnidium fruit extract and Fu ling. All of these natural root and plant extracts are well recognised male health boosters and are thought to increase testosterone levels of the blood, relax the mind and increase blood flow to the erectile tissues of the penis. However, in 2010, the FDA had to put a ban on Vigor 25 and pull off all the products from the market when a chemical analysis of the claimed herbal supplement was found to have Sildenafil. To those uninitiated, Sildenafil is actually a pharmaceutical drug used for the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction and is quite commonly known as Viagra, one of its brand name. Sildenafil can cause severe and fatal hypotension if taken unregulated and especially with nitrates. In fact, Vigor 25 is so dangerous that it is being held responsible for the death of a young man who consumed it. The investigations are still ongoing. Furthermore, no information about its manufacturers could be found, concerning their credibility and quality certification. Not only the manufacturers are responsible for fraudulent misrepresentation of a pharmaceutical drug as a herbal supplement, but they are most likely also responsible for the death of a young man.

Customer Reviews

Before being pulled off from the market, Vigor 25 was quite popular and was even sold on trusted websites like Amazon. We found some reviews from users prior to its ban.

Vigor 25 Feedback

Vigor 25 Feedback

One user, Pete, agrees that Vigor 25 is very good for him and it’s effects are similar to Viagra for him and that he really promotes Vigor 25. Yet another user, Craig claims that Vigor 25 works and helps out and he does not need it all the time. Taking Vigor 25 makes him feel safe. It is to be noted that all comments were made prior to 2010 the year it was banned. Also, reviews are most likely phony, since the manufacturers themselves are cheats.

Vigor 25 FDA Notification

Vigor 25 FDA Notification

The FDA issued a warning that Vigor 25, “a product marketed as a natural dietary supplement to enhance male sexual performance should not be purchased or used because it contains Sildenafil the active ingredient of Viagra”. The FDA also warned that Vigor 25 can lower blood pressures dangerously and interact with other drugs like nitroglycerin and nitrates. Also, the death of a 26 years old man, is possibly associated with Vigor 25. This FDA warning further serves our opinion that Vigor 25 is unreliable and is to be avoided. With sildenafil as hidden ingredients, side effects are guaranteed.

Pricing and Dosage

The price of Vigor-25 was $3 per capsule.

Vigor-25 Cost

Vigor-25 Cost

It was available in capsule form and the dosage suggested was 1 capsule around 30 minutes before the planned activity as Vigor 25 was supposed to be fast acting. Any herbal supplement which is so fast acting should raise suspicions. We do not advise any dose for Vigor 25.

How to Buy Vigor-25 Online

Vigor 25 is not available these days since it has been put on recall by the FDA. If certain websites or pharmacies still sell Vigor 25, then it is an equally fraudulent retailer. We found the below website selling Vigor 25 but we advise against buying it.

How to Use

Vigor 25 should not be used at all. However, when it was being sold as a herbal supplement, the usual instructions were that it should be taken around 30 minutes prior to sexual activity. Users are advised to get rid of any remaining capsules of Vigor 25 they might still have. The undeclared Sildenafil can cause some adverse effects, drug interaction and fatal injury.

Side Effects

By virtue of its hidden active pharmaceutical ingredient, sildenafil, Vigor 25 can have various unwanted and harmful side effects like headache, stomach upset, decreased vision and flushing of face. Also, the other components of the herbal supplement are equally unreliable and can trigger allergies in unsuspecting users. Sildenafil can also interact with nitrates or nitroglycerin group of drugs and cause steep drop in blood pressures.

Conclusion with Rating

Vigor 25 was aggressively marketed as a pure, all natural and herbal supplement for male sexual disorders. However, the death of a young man caused FDA to scrutinise the product and was found to contain undeclared Sildenafil, the active ingredient of Viagra. Vigor was then banned from further sales. Sildenafil in Viagra and other brands is tightly monitored. However, in Vigor 25, its concentration is not verified and therefore might be quite high and cause very severe side effects. Many patients prefer to rely on such quack supplements rather than seeking medical help. We could not trace it’s manufactures and though some customers were very satisfied with Virgo 25, we believe it was just manipulated by the retailers. It is better to consult a physician and get proper medical attention. We give Vigor 25 a rating of 0 on 5.