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The information provided here on Herbs Bay can help you make better choices when it comes to online herbal supplement purchase. Here are some things you should keep in mind when browsing our website:

  • Herbs Bay is allowing you to have a limited, non-transferrable, and non-exclusive right to view and use the website content; but, all the contents available on Herbs Bay is for personal consumption alone.
  • Although the data on Herbs Bay are the product of sound research, they are not to be used in place of the traditional face-to-face medical counseling. Consult your doctor for diagnosis and medication prescription.
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  • Herbs Bay information in all forms must not be used for any circumstance to Herbs Bay’s disadvantage, or for the ruin of the website’s integrity and credibility.
  • Herbs Bay has the right to grant and terminate consumer access whenever necessary.

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There is no absolute guarantee for the quality and accuracy of the contents presented on Herbs Bay although the sources are sound and verified for the articles on the website. Herbs Bay is not liable for any error, inclusion or exclusion, and various faults found on the website’s content. Herbs Bay is also not liable for its contents such as the comments, descriptions, opinions, or any other aspect of the reviews and customer reviews found on the website. The information presented on the website is for personal, entertainment, and educational purpose alone, and not for medical self-application of the users. Herbs Bay is not liable for the consequences of the actions of its users regarding the non-indicated use of the website.

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Herbs Bay shall not forward any user detail to other parties. Email information is for the website’s use only, for updates and similar concerns which are relevant to the website’s function.

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