NatuRECT Reviews: FDA Recall For Male Enhancement from All the Stores
  • Brand: NatuRECT
  • Hidden Active Ingredient: Tadalafil
  • Ingredients: Wolfberry fruit (aka Goji berry), Epimedium, Sagittatum , Cassie bark, Glangal fruit, Ginseng, Rehmannia root, Yam, Vitamin B1, B12, Vitamin E
  • Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction
  • Manufacturer: Tendex
  • Country of Manufacture: USA


NatuRECT is claimed as the best natural supplement that boosts testosterone level and enhances the libido for better sexual performance. It is manufactured by Tendex in California. Tendex is not a reliable source of medication production because it is not saving the lives by producing quality products rather it is harming the user’s lives by producing adulterated products. Users do not know the presence of adulteration, therefore, they are taking it even along with other prescription medications.

NatuRECT has herbal ingredients that are mentioned on its label as Wolfberry fruit (aka Goji berry), Epimedium, Sagittatum , Cassie bark, Glangal fruit, Ginseng, Rehmannia root, Yam, Vitamin B1, B12, Vitamin E and FDA has added Tadalafil in this list. FDA has confirmed the presence of Tadalafil in NatuRECT by FDA Lab analysis. The Lab results show that it does not have the chemical composition that is mentioned on the label. Therefore it is banned for sale, purchase, and use by FDA and it is recalled by Tendex on an order of FDA.

It works through increasing blood flow to the penile tissues and boosting testosterone levels to encourage the improved sexual performance and libido. Tadalafil is a PDE-5 inhibitor that causes the accumulation of cGMP levels in penile tissues leading to vasodilation and further erection for desired sexual activity.

Customer Reviews

We have found a fair number of reviews that are almost positive. It is hard to digest the positive reviews about a product that is adulterated, but it can be due to the manufacturer’s manipulation.

The customer Kel posted feedback on 2014 and he rated 5 stars. He had used multiple other products that were expensive and useless. Then he tried Naturaect that was awesome. He got best results without side effects. He had taken it after 3 or 4 days and was very happy with results. He said “I found that taking 1 pill of Naturect every 3 to 4 days helps me feel like a 20 year old. It’s great stuff! No side effects I have found other than waking up with wood, or finding myself having to sit down if I get aroused. I am so happy right now”.

NatuRECT Feedback

NatuRECT Feedback

We have also found the FDA notification for NatuRECT that was issued in 2013. FDA had detected the presence of Tadalafil in it through FDA Lab analysis. Tadalafil is an active ingredient that is present in FDA approved prescription drugs used for ED. Tadalafil can interact with nitrates potentially that are present in nitroglycerine. Nitroglycerine is the prescription drug that is prescribed to heart and diabetic patients. Due to these negative effects FDA had banned its use and issued a notice to Tendex to recall it for the safety of users. FDA advised “Tendex is voluntarily recalling Lot# F51Q of P-Boost and Lot # F51Q of NatuRECT to the consumer level. FDA laboratory analysis on Lot# F51Q of P-Boost, which the firm also labels as NatuRECT, has determined that this product contains undeclared Tadalafil. Tadalafil is an active ingredient of FDA-approved drugs used to treat erectile dysfunction (ED), making these products unapproved drugs. Tendex is notifying its distributors and customers by direct mail or email and is arranging for return of all recalled products. Consumers that have a product which is being recalled should stop using and return to the place of purchase”.

NatuRECT Recall

NatuRECT Recall

Pricing and Dosage

The capsule dosage form is selected by the manufacturer of NatuRECT Sexual Vitalizer. The price of one capsule of it is $ 3.99.

NatuRECT Cost

NatuRECT Cost

The manufacturer has specified the dose as one capsule daily 20-30 minutes before sexual activity. it remains effective more than 24 hours so the dose is repeated as needed. It is taken on an empty stomach and maximum dose must not exceed one capsule daily.

How to Buy NatuRECT Online

NatuRECT male enhancement supplement is banned by FDA, due to this reason it has limited online availability for all online customers.

How to Use

The use and purchase of NatuRECT are banned by FDA and it is recalled by the manufacturer after the order of FDA. FDA has demonstrated the existence of negative effects that are against the human health. One NatuRECT capsule should be administered by a glass of warm water on an empty stomach. Avoid the high fat meal after taking it about 2-3 hours to get 100% effects.

Side Effects

The NatuRECT is claimed as a natural herbal product that is considered very safe for male impotence. But in actual, the manufacturer has made fraud by adding hidden drug ingredients into it. The side effects possessed by it are Tadalafil related such as flushing, headache, insomnia, loss of memory, vision changes, loss of hearing, stomach upset, irregular heart beat, MI, stroke, and sometime fainting.

Conclusion with Rating

The safety of a product is always considered as a top priority while treating any disease condition. Herbal products are mostly considered safe effective in all aspects. NatuRECT is also a herbal product that is manufactured through natural ingredients to treat men’s sexual disorders such as erection dysfunction, decreased libido and premature ejaculation. The Tendex has claimed the following herbal ingredients in it, Wolfberry fruit (aka Goji berry), Epimedium, Sagittatum, Cassie bark, Glangal fruit, Ginseng, Rehmannia root, Yam, Vitamin B1, B12, Vitamin E and FDA has notified that it also contains herbal ingredients along with these natural products. FDA has confirmed the presence of Tadalafil in it through FDA Lab analysis and banned its use and purchase by consumers at all levels. The presence of hidden ingredients poses a threat to the health of users, therefore, it should not be used. Furthermore, FDA has issued the notification to the manufacturer to recall it to stop more sale and purchase. As it is banned by FDA so it is liable for rating 1 out of 5, so its use should be avoided to maintain the safety during treatment.