Rhino 7 Platinum 3000 mg Green Pill Review: Safety Alert for Amazon Fake Sex Enhancement with Side Effects

Rhino 7 Platinum 3000 mg is a male performance enhancement product that is helpful in improving stamina, size and time. TF supplements are U.S based manufacturer and trader of Rhino 7 Platinum 3000 mg that is supplying it worldwide. The manufacturer has claimed it as a suitable herbal product for erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, enhance the size, stamina and during of sexual activity. It is claimed that it contains Matrimony Vine Extract, Atractylodes, Dismutase, Codonopsis Pilosula Extract, Condonopsis, Cornus, Angelica Sinensis, Cinnamon Bark, Licorice, Cordyceps Sinensis, Superoxide Dismutase, Cuscuta, Pueraria Lobata, Rubus, and Panx Ginseng as herbal ingredients but FDA has caught this fraud and proved through FDA Lab analysis that it also contains Desmethyl carbondenafil and Dapoxetine as hidden ingredients. FDA has elaborated that presence of these ingredients made it an unapproved drug. The existence of hidden ingredients is very unsafe because patients are unaware of it and they may use prescription drugs that are interactive with Desmethyl carbondenafil and Dapoxetine leading to potential negative effects.

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Virilis Pro Pills Review: Bootlegged Sex Enhancer with Side Effects Is Still For sale on Ebay and Amazon


Virilis Pro, a product of Haute Health, is claimed to be a 100% all-natural supplement which is designed to help men balance hormones, increase blood flow to the genital organs and provide maximum strength. This product was intended to increase sexual performance, boost sexual performance, improve libido levels and intensify an overall sexual experience.

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Xzone Premium 1500mg Pill Review: Prohibited Male Enhancement Is Still For Sale

Nowadays there are so many sexual performance enhancing supplements in the market, most of which claimed to be clinically tested, super effective and safe for consumption. However, it is not uncommon to find lies concealed in these beautifully coated selling lines. XZONE Premium Pill is claimed to be one of the best selling sexual performance pills, being able to boost stamina, increase the time of erection, lengthen the size of penis to address the use of erectile dysfunction in men. More importantly, distributor emphasized on the rapid onset and minimum headache in contrast to prescription Viagra. All of these are said to be possible thanks to the natural ingredients incorporated into this medication. These so called natural ingredients include Avena Sativa, Guarana, Panex Ginseng, Angelica Gigas Nakai, Foti, Lycopene, Maca, Ginger Powder, Cnidii Fructus, Astragalus, Meberaceaus, Cinnamon Powder, Ginko Semon, Tribulus Terrestirs Linned, Special XZONE Blend.3

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Wood-E Platinum Pills Review: Undeclared Drug Ingredients


The mushrooming of enormous amount of sexual enhancement products online together with some collateral benefits like cheaper, faster and easier have given consumers choice to pick these products over the conventional prescription drug for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. More importantly, the package of these supplements often are labeled as something along the line of “100% natural formulation” and this has given off a wrong notion that when they are natural it automatically means they are safe and healthy for use.

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XZen XPress Pills Review: Truth the Manufacturer Did Not Want To Admit

Xzen Xpress, labelled as dietary supplement, is claimed as the treatment of erectile dysfunction or impotence. The red coloured capsule is manufactured in the United Stated of America by Xzen. Xzen Xpress labelled as a dietary supplement is containing an unapproved natural ingredient blend. However, the notification of the US FDA makes the product more popular than the manufacturer wants. The notification says that the product has been confirmed containing the prescription chemical compounds. Sildenafil and Tadalafil present in the product are prescription chemical compounds, Sildenafil is an approved chemical ingredient of Viagra whereas Tadalafil is an authorised active ingredient of prescription drug Cialis. Additionally, both of the chemical compounds are not listed on the label of the product as it has been labelled as a natural dietary supplement.

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Prolifta Recall: Phony Herbal Supplement with Side Effects Is still On Amazon

Nowadays sexual enhancement supplements no longer serve only as a treatment for erectile dysfunction anymore, it has also become a tool by which men can make use of to gain a higher level of sexual pleasure. Many of them have access to these supplements by means of purchasing them online merely because they are cheaper, more convenient and more importantly can have their privacy protected. But little did they know many of these supplements did not undergo legitimate evaluation process by the healthcare product regulatory agency.

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Pro Power Max All Natural Herbs Pills Reviews: Natural Energy Enhancer Banned for Severe Side Effects

Pro Power Max is an herbal product manufactured as male enhancer by Hardmenstore.com. It is being manufactured in China and manufacturer claims that the safest and effective herbs are blended to make Pro Power Max capsule. The herbal ingredients present in it are Herbal epimedii, cornua cervi pantotrichum, radices morindae, benbane, panax ginseng, aweto, aesculus wilsonii rehd and Chinese cinnamon. FDA had doubts about its composition and FDA Lab analysis was carried out to confirm the composition of this herbal brand, because patient’s safety should be a top priority in all ailments. FDA Lab results showed that it contains Sildenafil along with other herbal ingredients. It is an illegal act by a phony manufacturer who is manufacturing dangerous products. Later on, FDA has banned the use of Pro Power Max while detailing the all harmful effects associated with hidden ingredient presence. Furthermore, FDA has issued the notice to the manufacturer to recall the product immediately to avoid the danger posed to health by use of it.

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