Australia Kangaroo Essence 3000mg Pills Review: Banned for Having Illegal Ingredients

Australia Kangaroo Essence Sex Pills
  • Brand: Australia Kangaroo Essence
  • Hidden Active Ingredient: Sildenafil
  • Ingredients: Kangaroo sperm, ginseng, Chinese wolfberry, deer’s’ sinew, snow-deer’s penis, yak penis, wild donkey penis, cordyceps sinensis, saffron.
  • Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction
  • Manufacturer: Shenzhen CAA Biotechnology Co. Ltd
  • Country of Manufacture: China


Kangaroo essence is known since centuries to increase the fertility in men and also to enhance sexual life. It might be bit confusing for most of the modern men, but the marketing of male enhancement pills containing kangaroo essence would add a lot of information to them, that this is something that would add something to their sexual lives.

Most of the herbal experts points out the fact that kangaroo essence is the integral ingredient that men with fewer sperms should pay a lot of attention to. Thus, the fact that it was clinically proved that in general, kangaroo essence as a supplement can help the person to improve his sperm quality and his vitality. Thus, a ton of kangaroo essence pills are on the market shelves including Australia Kangaroo Essence.

Australia Kangaroo Essence is the claimed Chinese herbal male enhancer that can help the person with premature ejaculation, increase the secretion of testicle cells and thereby increase the sexual arousal and libido. Moreover, it is claimed that these pills can boost the men’s love making performance with greater and harder erections.

Including the kangaroo’s essence, the Australia Kangaroo Essence contains ginseng, Chinese wolfberry, deer’s’ sinew, snow-deer’s penis, yak penis, wild donkey penis, cordyceps sinensis and saffron that collectively and naturally all of the above said functions.

This is not all what the product contains. According to the reports of FDA, Australia Kangaroo Essence also contains the hidden ingredient, Sildenafil, to make it more effective but relatively unsafe.

Customer Reviews

Knowing the fact that Kangaroo essence is the effective remedy to treat sexual problems, the manufacturers of Australia Kangaroo Essence takes full- fledged benefit and adulterate it with the unnatural ingredient, Sildenafil. Sildenafil is the prescription drug that is not safe for use without consulting doctor, thus making Australia Kangaroo Essence, an unapproved supplement. This ingredient can have a number of side effects to the consumers and because of this fact, FDA has advised its consumers and purchasers to stop consuming and purchasing Australia Kangaroo Essence.

Australia Kangaroo Essence FDA Notifications

Australia Kangaroo Essence FDA Notifications

As the procedure testing, the marketed dietary supplements do not undergo testing of labs, as prescription drugs have to do before they hit the market selves. The manufacturers of herbal supplements take advantage of this fact and add undeclared or low quality ingredients in their products to deceive their consumers. But thanks to the Food and Drug Administration offering the lab analysis of the ingredients and disclosing the nature of such herbal supplements.

As for many other herbal supplements, FDA had published a recalling notification for the makers of Australia Kangaroo Essence and advised the user to not to consume this supplement because of the fact that it can pose serious threats to its consumers.

Pricing and Dosage

This supplement containing the essence of Australian Kangaroos is available on the online drug stores to be purchased. A single pill of Australia Kangaroo Essence is available at the price of $9.50 that is quite expensive for a value of herbal supplement.

Australia Kangaroo Essence Cost

Australia Kangaroo Essence Cost

This fast acting Australia Kangaroo Essence is suggested to take a single capsule at the time of need. However, if you want to escape from the side effects and adverse reactions, you should avoid consuming Australia Kangaroo Essence, as it is an unapproved drug with lots of risks.

How to Buy Australia Kangaroo Essence Online

Even, after the recalling notification from FDA, Australia Kangaroo Essence is still available for purchase on online drug stores.

How to Use

This fast acting male enhancing supplement needs to be taken just about 10 minutes before the sexual intercourse, with a large glass of water. Just after the 10 minutes of consumption, you will feel the burst of action and sexual arousal, as claimed by the manufacturers. It is also advised by the manufacturers to consume enough amount of water and do not exceed the dosage.

Overdosing might cause the severity of side effects. However, we do not recommend taking even the recommended dosage of Australia Kangaroo Essence, because of the presence of Sildenafil.

Side Effects

The side effects of Australia Kangaroo Essence can vary from person to person. The potential side effects of Australia Kangaroo Essence might include extreme lowering of blood pressure, due to the interaction of sildenafil with nitrates, palpitation, loss of hearing and vision, adverse allergic reactions, headache, dizziness and chest pain.

According to FDA, Men with diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol or heart diseases often take nitrates”. These nitrates when interact with sildenafil can cause the extreme drop of blood pressure, that is fatal for the consumer. So it is advised strongly to not to take this supplement, with or without the consultation of doctor.

Conclusion with Rating

Australia Kangaroo Essence 3000mg pills are claimed to contain the concentrated kangaroo muscle extract with the penis of deer and donkey that makes this supplement, extremely potential. However, the claims of the manufacturers not seemed to be true because of the fact that contrary to their claims, the testing of FDA had found Australia Kangaroo Essence to contain traces of Sildenafil in it that is the PDE5 inhibitor and is known since centuries to treat erection problems.

Although the kangaroo essence is having some strong effect to treat impotence, but the presence of Sildenafil in the supplement outweighs its benefits. Since the product work by increasing the blood flow of the person, it poses the great harms to the consumer by lowering his blood pressure to dangerous levels. Moreover, there are also many potential side effects that can harm the consumer and that is the reason why FDA have published a caution notification for its consumers and purchasers.

According to FDA, “consumers should exercise caution before purchasing any product (Australia Kangaroo Essence 3000mg pills)”. Thus, making us to rate it 1 on the scale of 5.